C.o.c.o.i. actively explores the ‘normal’ world for new layers of interpretation. It rediscovers things that are already there and captures moments of interpretation. By being a platform – as well as a playground – it connects existing and new points of view.

C.o.c.o.i. 积极探索“寻常”世界新的视觉传达方式。它重新探索业已存在的事物,并捕捉传达与理解的瞬间。C.o.c.o.i. 作为设计的平台和游乐场,将固有的和全新的观点联系起来。

h2>What is C.o.c.o.i.

什么是 C.o.c.o.i.?

Starting a (visual) dialogue is a powerful way for designers and creators to discover new points of view on the world (and on their own work) whilst having the opportunity to create new forms of visual communication. It is important to continuously experiment and (re)discover forms of communication in order to keep creativity flowing. In this way designers and creators will gain awareness of the way design is communicated, which is important because the method of communication is of great influence to the perception of the viewer (the interpretor).

C.o.c.o.i. is a podium, a platform and a playground in which both the designer and the viewer (the interpretor) are being confronted with things that will normally pass by unnoticed. By shining a new light upon these things and by starting a dialogue about them, new points of view of and new interpretations on the world will occur. It creates an Open Work.1



C.o.c.o.i. 既是工作坊,也是游乐场。在这里,设计师和我们的观众都将面对平时所忽略的事物。当从新的视角观察,并开展一段关于它们的对话,新的传达方式和理解就会油然而生。这是一个开放式的实验。

1 “The Open Work presents itself to the viewer, reader and thus interpreter as a field of possibilities to actively generate meaning

Students at workshop Masters AKV|St. Joost, Breda, The NetherlandsStudent at work at the workshop in Den Bosch, The Netherlands

The metaphor of a cabinet of curiosities is an important one. In a Cabinet of Curiosities, multiple objects (= curiosities) have the opportunity to present themselves while simultaneously entering into dialogue with each other and their spectator; the interpreter: you.

C.o.c.o.i. challenges to discover by actively exploring the ‘normal’ world in order to reveal new layers of interpretation. It rediscovers things that are already there, captures moments of interpretation and it connects existing and new points of view on design, language and interpretation with each other in search for new methods, meanings and interpretations.

We give workshops and presentations and make publications and exhibitions with the goal to educate and stir imagination with participants of C.o.c.o.i. as well as with a broader audience.


我们把 C.o.c.o.i. 比作一个新奇百宝箱。在你参加 C.o.c.o.i 的时候,当你作为“视觉传达者”与你的观众对话时,可以充分利用自己的好奇心去创作。

C.o.c.o.i. 邀请参与者积极地探索日常生活中和业已存在的事物,从不同的角度观察、理解、阐述它们。我们将用设计将这些事物和观点联系起来。


Presentation at Hunan Normal University in Changsha, China