During a workshop participants make multiple curiosities – small, conceptual projects – centred around a specific (desired) topic. A range of short assignments (pressure-cooker format) help them in questioning the topic, and finding new interpretations.


p>During a 2, 3 or 5-day workshop participants make several curiosities (small conceptual projects). By doing so we question and challenge existing interpretations of a certain theme or topic, in search of dialogue, new connections, new interpretations and new points of view. Most importantly, we introduce a way of thinking which can be incorporated in future projects.

A workshop consists of multiple short assignments (the so called ‘pressure-cooker format’) about curiosity and amazement. The brief and restrictions of an assignment are different each time in order to make the workshop fit well to a certain theme, goal or educational program.


2 – 5天的工作坊期间,参与者将利用自己的好奇心创作很多的作品(概念性的小项目)。我们从一个特定的主题出发,通过质疑和挑战传统的视觉传达方式,寻找新的对话、联系、传达方式和观点。最重要的是,这种设计思维可以运用在以后的项目中。


Curiosity by Nienke JansenWorking on the exhibition at HNU, Changsha, China

In general a workshop starts with a seminar or presentation, and on a regular basis, they are concluded by an interactive installation, presentation or a publication. In this way we also challenge the audience to take on an active role in interpreting the curiosities.

The C.o.c.o.i. workshops are proven to be effective for:
- designers and other creatives to expand their horizon and to discover new methods which can be incorporated in future projects.
- companies with strategic challenges and questions.

The workshop can be offered in English, Dutch, Chinese and Korean.
For more information, questions or bookings please contact us at design@thevisualtheatre.nl. We are happy to elaborate about the workshop and to see how we can make it fit to your desires :-)



C.o.c.o.i. 被证明是有效地让学生开拓眼界,并探索新的视觉传达方法的工作坊,这些方法也可以用在他们今后的项目中。
同时,C.o.c.o.i. 也可以为在战略上遇到挑战或问题的公司服务。

C.o.c.o.i. 设计工作坊可以用英文、荷兰文、中文和韩文举办。
更多的信息、问题或预约工作坊的时间,欢迎发邮件给我们design@thevisualtheatre.nl 。我们很高兴为你介绍这个工作坊,并和你讨论如何将工作坊与你的目标相联系。

Exhibition at HNU, Changsha, China